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Luca Brandi

Oslo, Norway
Artist (Painting)
Born unknown date

Luca Brandi is a contemporary Italian painter. He began working with master Romolo Prati in Florence at the age of 10, assisting him in creating large spiritual pictures on the paneling for church sacristies.

He began studying abstract painting with Paolo Galletti in 1983. He taught him the principles of form deconstruction through geometrical art and color. His first solo show was exhibited at the Dada gallery in Florence in 1985. 

His works are moving in territories that he still has not explored, which are unknown to him. Once Rothko admitted that “a painting must be something miraculous”, amounting to a gesture of impartiality and indulgence. This is the same path taken by Brandi - that which leads to his spirituality. The material too – inextricably blended with the metallic color, the substance begins to reacquire its individuality of pure color, a silky coloring, almost via the impact of an alchemical detachment. What is known is that the artwork's evolution is inextricably linked to the need for perfection. This is pretty well-executed in terms of rhythms and golden section connection. 

His works depict a soul searching for previous love, quiet, and beauty over decades. At the same time, the audience is asked to participate in this journey with their souls and resources. Luca Brandi places a high value on art. That's why, in addition to Acrylic, he solely utilizes linen canvas and aluminum strengthened wood stretches. This is the greatest anti-warp substance on the market.

Luca Brandi was born in 1961, in Florence, Italy. He takes part in numerous solo and group exhibitions, his paintings are part of the museums collections and private collections around the world.

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