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Julia Crystal

Художник (Картина)
Родился в 1986
My paintings are portals to the world of ideal beauty and paradise relaxation.

I work in two directions: oil painting in the style of romantic realism and volumetric paintings of epoxy resin and texture paste.

But any of my paintings, abstraction or still life or landscape invariably convey the exceptional beauty and integrity of this World. The viewers feel good and light in their souls from my paintings - and this is my main mission.

I take inspiration from my childhood and my family. I have two lovely little daughters, a husband and a cat. My childhood was spent in a resort town on the Black Sea coast, so I often paint a marine theme.

Dear friend, I want my paintings to raise your spirit from routine to the world of beautiful art, I want when you come home, your eyes would look at my paintings and you would relax and be transferred to the world of kindness and tranquility.

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