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Hanna Chervonna

De Glind, Netherlands
Artist (Drawing)
Born unknown date

An artist and architect from Ukraine. I am currently living in Holland. Studied two specialties: architecture and painting. Over the years of practice, I did not give priority to one of them. The first part of my life was devoted to modeling buildings, and the second part was devoted to painting and drawing. The technical part of my brain could methodically understand drawings, and the creative part required freedom.The creative projects were very diverse, and I was attracted by the large and small sizes of the paintings. The largest painting on the wall was 13x3 meters. and the painstaking miniature on a board of 5x10 cm. For some time,  collaborated with the opera house and made 5-meter sculptures for the scenery, and mastered metal engraving. I was always interested in everything, discovering new techniques and directions in art. At the same time, classical painting and drawing were always nearby, she tried to participate in all exhibitions of the Union of Artists of Ukraine

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