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Membre depuis 17 juin 2005
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Is a new movement in painting still possible in the 21st century ?
« No » we were told on various occasions of debate.

And yet…

The CONJONCTION movement does exist ! It carries on and completes the global history of Painting : this advanced painting has been worked out in two stages : first, the « supra-naive figuration » in 2005 which applied the principle of « passage » ( given up in painting since the time of « supports-surfaces ») to figuration.

Then, in 2007, the concepts of this movement extended and the notion of passage became more complex . This second stage in our assertions brought us to change the name of the movement, now called : « CONJONCTION ».

CONJONCTION is a MOVEMENT and not the mere pictorial operating process of two painters stating the same concepts with their own sensibility and personality. It’s a movement in so far as it opens new ways to painting and offers its reflections to other painters ready to take part in them. Some have begun to work at it.

Who are we ?
Two artists living and working in Bordeaux.

Georges Koutsandréou born on 7 July 1951 : he has painted since he was 17 years old.

Martina Charbonnel born on 24 October 1952 : she has painted since she was 25 years old.

Painting is our vocation. Our creation has always been founded on research and invention, that the history of painting may live and progress.