Kazuhiro Higashi, shapes and colors

Kazuhiro Higashi, shapes and colors

Anne Devailly | Nov 25, 2021 1 minutes read

Each work of Kazuhiro Higashi shows that the artist is in search of an endlessly renewed harmony. He has no precise technique. Sometimes he just starts off with images that spring to mind.

dsc-4600-1.jpg Shapes and colors. Each work of Kazuhiro Higashi shows that the artist is in search of each other in a constantly renewed harmony. “I don't have a precise technique. Sometimes I just start with images that come to mind, without sketches. I start with shapes and colors that I appreciate at this time. And the work will be done spontaneously. Sometimes it evolves towards the figural, other times, it remains an abstraction until the end ”.


This research is obviously influenced by his course of study: “I studied graphic design in Japan and completed my artistic studies in Lyon. I worked in Japan in graphic design and I only really took up painting five or six years ago ”.


A whole universe emerges from this work, specific to a generation, which the artist readily acknowledges: “It is clear that I am influenced, even inspired by the cultural universe in which I live, films, animation. , manga, video games or music ”. But for this art to regain its freedom, the artist does not wish to be too directive: “Each work is a journey. I know the starting point, but what's exciting is that I haven't decided


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