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Artmajeur magazine N ° 18 Summer 2021

Artmajeur magazine N ° 18 Summer 2021

NICOLAS SARAZIN | Jul 5, 2021 1 minutes read

Contents of this issue:

  • Irina Laube
  • City lights
  • Nap and relaxation
  • Maria susarenko
  • Island hopping


Take advantage of these beautiful days that are coming

2021 has so far not been in line with expectations: long months under cover for many, trips delayed or canceled. All the more reason to take advantage of these beautiful days that are coming, and Artmajeur intends to contribute to this breath of fresh air and sun that everyone is waiting for. So make way for a few themes that smell like summer, starting with sculptures that we can easily imagine at the edge of a swimming pool, to combine the pleasure of the sun, water and art. In the same vein, Artmajeur dived among his thousands of works to extract a few illustrating a restorative art among all: the nap. Third theme that we have chosen for this summer period, a detour through the islands where people often go in search of change of scenery and tranquility. But appreciating the beautiful days can also be done on the spot, by rediscovering the places in a new dynamic. The lights in the city are once again magical, now that the streets are animated, and it is easy to understand why this theme can appeal to artists. To all of you, wherever you are, we wish you an excellent summer, creative and rich in discoveries!

Good discoveries to all!

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