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Invisible art : hoax or new trend of art?

In September 2014, Canadian radio CBC presented a young artist who claimed to be the inventor of a revolutionary art, the invisible art. She was describing a work she had worked on for hours, but that could not be seen. It was a hoax.

What the authors of this farce could not imagine was that many invisible art initiatives had already been experimented by artists like Duchamp, Magritte or Warhol.

In June 2011, the artist duo Praxis sponsored by comedian James Franco launched the "Non-Visible Museum" or MONA, "an eccentricity of imagination, a museum that reminds us that we live in two worlds: the physical world of sight and the non-visible world of thought.Completely made up of ideas and sniffing at the art market, the works will simply be described to visitors ... "

More generally, the promoters of the invisible art postulate that art is not limited to physical achievements to see or to possess.

Works inaccessible, hidden, invisible or to disappear to keep only the memory, would be equally able to provide artistic emotions.

To evoke a work disappeared or invisible to the naked eye, would make it revive a posteriori.

These very conceptual artistic orientations are based on the rejection of the mercantile and speculative turn of contemporary art.

On the other side of the coin, promoting the artistic emotion of a work that is not seen or touched, and focusing on narrative or story telling, could disqualify this approach.

The incredulous spectator, prevented from making his own judgment by exercising all his senses, would be reduced to believing "the artist" on his word ...

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sam Peter Portrait sam Peter     India  

Invisible art ? there is nothing conceptual about it..

Brachaim Portrait Brachaim     Washington, United States  

I agree Judycreates! it's laughable, invisible art? what shall that be when everybody can imagine what he sees when there is nothing to see? This is psychic. What a stupid idea and a degrade for the arts A cobbler should stick to his last

countess Portrait countess     Germany  

Too, I thing

Steven G Humble Portrait Steven G Humble     Washington, United States  

Just a scam on Artists it’s like Music without sounds but people will spend on anything guess you also pay nothing for nothing everybody happy now

Federico Ortlieb Portrait Federico Ortlieb     Valais, Switzerland  


Chris Derrick Portrait Chris Derrick     United Kingdom  

Ah, just like the children's story of the Emperor's new clothes....this is the Emperor's new art. Making fools of the adults, and only a child (or some-one with child-like vision) will speak the truth.

l'orientaliste Portrait l'orientaliste     United Kingdom  

sounds like a promotional gimmick

judydcreates Portrait judydcreates     Québec, Canada  

I don’t appreciate this type of new conceptual art. To me anyone can produce nothingness and to promote it as art is pathetic. You can think about that!