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Costantino Di Renzo

Pescara, Italy
Artist (Painting, Drawing)
Born unknown date

Costantino Di Renzo is an established contemporary Italian artist. He began his career in 1966 by attending the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. From the first year of his profession as a painter, he started elaborating and conceptualizing the painting of the Dutch Vermeer. 

He joined the hyperrealist movement in 1974, and soon after that he went to the United States to study the technique of hyperrealism and often visited Richard Estes, Don Eddy and Chuk Close studios. In the Borghi Gallery in New York he exhibited a series of works entitled: “New York, sphinx of cement, aluminum and mirrors” at the end of 70’s.

Since the 1980s he has devoted himself to sculpture, and has exhibited his works at the Cesare Manzo Gallery in Pescara and the Centro Sei Gallery in Bari. His sculptures were veiled figures made of fiberglass, which invaded the exhibition space in a sort of installation. Di Renzo’s sculptures were shown in the Bari International Fair, Bologna International Fair and at the Basel International Fair.

In the 1990s he was engaged in an in-depth study of Homeric Ulysses, which inspired him to produce a series of works representing symbiosis between painting and literature. Large works and pictorial cycles for public and private collections was something that he was working on during this period. 

Di Renzo’s paintings, in the 2000s, split into irregular geometries, embellished with plastic parts that maintained the story beyond the surface of the painting itself, despite remaining tied to the theme of ancient Mediterranean myth.

His paintings still searches into the hidden aspects of the mind, dresses up in the clothes of the modern world, digs into human baseness, craziness, perversion, and the flaws of today's society. 

Costantino Di Renzo was born in 1946, in Italy.

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