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Artem Pavlyukov

Алматы, Казахстан
Художник (Картина, Рисунок)
Родился в неизвестная дата
Ни дня без искусства!

Artem Pavlyukov was born in 1972 in Kazakhstan.  After graduating from school, he studied at the Almaty Power Engineering Institute, but did not work in his specialty.  After graduation, he ran the family business.  Selected collections of women's shoes for stores in Kazakhstan.  At the same time, he was professionally engaged in bodybuilding and worked as a personal trainer.  He is a two-time champion of Kazakhstan in bolibuilding.  For a long time he lived in Dubai, as a family business was connected with this city.  After 2015, he left the family business.  He traveled a lot and looked for himself in creativity.  Painting has always attracted Artyom, because his grandfather was a famous artist in the USSR.  I tried painting with acrylics and ink.  Now Artem paints only with watercolors.  The main subjects for painting are landscape, architecture, flowers and animals.  He seeks inspiration during mountain walks and trekking.  Participated in international watercolor competitions in Russia, Spain, Italy.  His paintings are exhibited in the Livorno Gallery and virtual galleries.  In Kazakhstan, he conducts master classes in artistic painting.  He uses the highest quality materials in his work.  These are Arches and Hahnemühle cotton papers, as well as WINSOR & NEWTON, GOLDEN, DANIEL SMITH and SCHMINCKE watercolors.  The style of work is closer to impressionism.  Painting technique - dry brush.

Откройте для себя современные произведения искусства от Artem Pavlyukov, посмотрите последние работы и купите онлайн. Категории: современные казахстанские художники (родился в неизвестная дата). Художественные домены: Картина, Рисунок. Тип учётной записи: Художник , зарегистрирован 2021 (Страна происхождения Казахстан). Купить последние работы Artem Pavlyukov на Artmajeur: Откройте для себя потрясающие произведения современного художника Artem Pavlyukov: . Просматривайте его художественные произведения, покупайте оригинальные работы или высококачественные репродукции.

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