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Andrey Schukin

Иркутск, Россия
Художник (Картина)
Родился в 1966
Вообще, как я заметил, почти все вещи в этом мире выглядят на картинах куда лучше, чем в действительности.

Our world is made up of waves, any wave comes from an impulse. Impulses can be observed both in a computer and in a person. Any act of a person, both negative and positive, generates an impulse or a wave. A set of impulses can lead to human programming. And since the human computer is located in a global network called the universe, any reprogramming of a person is sent directly to the universe. The consequences can be unpredictable.
You program your own life, try to do it with the maximum benefit for yourself and others. You keep track of what you say and think, otherwise the program will work without Your knowledge and it will be difficult to "roll back" to the factory settings .
But there comes a time when You need to either "treat" or "restore the computer". One of the points of "restoring your computer" can be our pictures. Every person when it is difficult for him wants to return to the point where he was happy or happy.
Our paintings allow a person to feel in contact with them, the state that was lost or forgotten. A happy person can increase this state of Grace.
I offer you my acrylic and oil paintings that will bring beauty and comfort to your world. Be healthy, friends, joy to You, surround yourself with beauty!

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