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Kara Alexander Dmitrievich (Ukraine). Corresponding member of the International Academy of contemporary arts. Painter, graphic artist. Honored artist of Ukraine, Chairman of the Izmail city organization of the National Union of artists of Ukraine. Associate Professor of the Department of fine arts of the Izmail state University for the Humanities. Winner of the T. N. Yablonskaya Award.

Alexander Kara (born 1956) spent his childhood in the village of Novye Troyany in the Bolgradsky district of Odessa region, where the population is represented by ethnic Bulgarians. Located on three hills, the settlement offers a magnificent panorama of the Bessarabian steppe, cultivated vineyards and the Katlabukh river, which formed a romantic perception of nature and the realities of rural life. Passion for drawing led to the desire to get a professional education at the art and graphic faculty of the Odessa pedagogical University named after K. D. Ushinsky.

The main themes of Alexander Kara's early work were childhood memories of the life and traditions of the inhabitants of Budjak. In the early 2000s, A. Kara mastered the technique of encaustic, in which most of his paintings are written. It is based on the principle of mixing paints with wax, vegetable oil, resin (rosin, dammar) and heating them in the process of creating images. The visiting card of the artist's work is the painting "the First furrow".

Alexander Kara is a painter by vocation, who devoted himself to fine art. According to him, he gets sick when there is no opportunity to write, plunge into the creative process, "catch" the idea of a future work and reproduce it with material means. "God, I rest when I work!" - this is the artist's life credo.

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