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del 496 - Painting ©2010 by Ulrich De Balbian -  
    Abstract Art
del 496 - Painting ©2010 by Ulrich De Balbian - Abstract Art
© 2010 Ulrich De Balbian / Galerie Ulrich


del 496 2010

Painting, Oil

About this artwork: My art makes the invisible visible. Always near/er to the (he)art of Creation, but never close enough, yet.... Slideshows of work uploaded 13 and 14 March UQbaS Links to videos of my paintings at YOU TUBE watch?v=kPFgKwZvLx0 watch?v=xD7tC8Hmjpk watch?v=-Hfo1UsSL58 watch?v=yW7b72aRj94 The human mind treats smaller paintings as if it is looking AT an object or a thing such as a table or chair , but larger works are experienced (like installations) as if one is part of them and participate in them. Now that you know this please do not treat these images as if they are just more objects or things you look AT, but experience and participate in them.

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Abstract Art
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