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50x65 cm ©2008 by Benoit Chalut

Benoit Chalut Aug 31, 2008

©2008 by Derizo

Derizo Dec 16, 2008

70x70 cm ©2009 by embe

embe Mar 13, 2009

©2014 by eric lecam

eric lecam Mar 18, 2014

©2014 by Christelle Yperzeele

Christelle Yperzeele Jul 28, 2014

40 cm  cm ©2014 by Mousleye

Mousleye Jul 29, 2014

80x53 cm ©2007 by EVA

EVA Apr 24, 2012

75x96 cm ©2009 by EVA

EVA Apr 29, 2012

1x30x24 cm ©2014 by I. Joseph

I. Joseph Jul 27, 2014

100x140 cm ©2008 by Esthy Baltisberger

Esthy Baltisberger Nov 20, 2008

©2014 by Marie-Lou Chatel

Marie-Lou Chatel Jul 27, 2014

12x16 in ©2014 by Zizi Lagadec

Zizi Lagadec Jul 28, 2014

©2014 by Brigitte Lerber

Brigitte Lerber Jul 13, 2014

45x30 cm ©2014 by C Viger peintre

C Viger peintre Jul 27, 2014

©2014 by Bloodie Mary

Bloodie Mary Jul 27, 2014

26x26x1.3 in ©2014 by simonsgallery

simonsgallery Jul 26, 2014

©2007 by Franco Petrosemolo

Franco Petrosemolo Jan 13, 2008

24x32 cm ©2002 by Maurizio Aprea

Maurizio Aprea Jan 16, 2008

New Artworks

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40x30 cm ©2014 by Christelle Delsaut

Christelle Delsaut Jul 29, 2014

50x32,5 cm ©2014 by Patrick Jannin

Patrick Jannin Jul 29, 2014

©2014 by Jean Louis Renaudin

Jean Louis Renaudin Jul 29, 2014

42x57 cm ©2014 by Irene Vlassova

Irene Vlassova Jul 29, 2014

50x50 cm ©1981 by Henri Eisenberg

Henri Eisenberg Jul 29, 2014

34x40x190 cm ©2014 by Sonia Mandel

Sonia Mandel Jul 29, 2014

©2014 by Gérald Janowski

Gérald Janowski Jul 29, 2014

36x36 cm ©2014 by Marie-Paule FLORIT-BARCO

Marie-Paule FLORIT-BARCO Jul 29, 2014

80x80 cm ©2014 by fred boutet

fred boutet Jul 29, 2014

29x21 cm ©2014 by Julien Leconte

Julien Leconte Jul 29, 2014

59x88 cm ©2014 by Paul MAZ

Paul MAZ Jul 29, 2014

30x30 cm ©2013 by DS PAINTINGS

DS PAINTINGS Jul 29, 2014

60x40 cm ©2014 by ALAIN BRASSEUR


90x30 cm ©2014 by Giovanni Greco

Giovanni Greco Jul 29, 2014

50x100 cm ©2014 by Adeline g Sanrey

Adeline g Sanrey Jul 29, 2014

73x100 cm ©2014 by Bernadette Leclercq

Bernadette Leclercq Jul 29, 2014

30x30 cm ©2014 by Dan Casado

Dan Casado Jul 29, 2014

50x32,5 cm ©2014 by Christophe BERAET

Christophe BERAET Jul 29, 2014

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Elke Thiébaut, Pat Mansen, Christian Eprinchard, Yensen, Carla Battaglia, Fada Fadul, Les Aquarelles D’Uve, Karine Krynicki, Jeannette Allary, Brigitte Valin, Nathalie Moretto, Bealaff, Patricia Gistau, Francisco Mendes, Dominique Van De Velde, Gisèle Dalla Longa, Jacqueline Pizano, Monique Vivian, Christelle Delsaut, Elen Ruzh, Pr.monsar, Cécile Labossière, Ds Paintings, Nelly Dupe, Kestutis Jauniskis, Sibilla Bjarnason, Jordan Ravy, Юрий Викторович Николаев, Ciacia, Sasha Sovtsa, Patou.b, Philippe Dran, Tito Fornasiero, Christelle Yperzeele, Christine Durand, Lilou ☆ Kemoji ☆, Paul Taylor, Nyls Eliot, Alain Dambès, Tania Azevedo, Ryszard Piotrowski, Khava, Julie Pioch, Myriam Bollender, Hassina Bouglam, António Capella, Allen Henderson, Sophie Le Clanche, Alis La Luna, H . Mortazavi, Adtheo, Françoise Pascal, Paul Sarrassat, Виктор Артамонов, Pioch, Ruben Badia, Gerard Favory, Emile Paya, Aurélien Sellés, Lucile Chevalier Moreaux, Vasyl, Tegas, Aleksandr Sydoruk, Anna Dronova, Ghyslaine Léonelli, Roch3, Gerard Jeanjean, Natasha Pelley-Smith, Timofei Gorea, Patrick Jannin, Marie Claude Baldi, Alejandro Fajardo, Anne-Marie Delaunay-Danizio, Nelly Sanchez, Eric Besnard, Pierre-Antoine Lépine, Baltimore, M'do, Iraqi Mohammed Rachid, Elodie Le Duigou, L'âme Sur La Toile, Catherine Demaugé-Bost, Agnes Corre, Kio Kobayashi, Papet'art, Louin-Lecoeur, Bernard Ambielle, Howard Meehan Meehan, Valérie Perrault, Murielle E., Laurent A. Chatre, Sophie Sirot

Community timeline

Merci, thank you ! What an amazing welcome. Such lovely comments. A special thank you to Muriel, Juan, Catherine, Goutam, Barake and Paul. If I ever work out how to reply to messages....I will do so!! I have been working hard, creating new (cats and dogs) ink drawings (for two different exhibitions)....and I'm trying to make the most of any free time, to walk in the countryside with my French artist husband (Jean Lagadec) and my camera too, of course!!! Photography is a 'passion' so I am very grateful to you for your kind comments about my photographic images. I feel quite emotional! At the moment...I am tryin... Read More
Jul 29, 2014 by Zizi Lagadec

Legacy from the past: the Golden Section What do the Parthenon, the Leonardo's "Last Supper" and the DIN A4 have in common? Ik you want to know, read on my blog! (spanish version) or (english version) To receive weekly the new posts, please register here Read More
Jul 24, 2014 by Cristina Del Rosso

Back from Paris! I've recently arrived home after five weeks in Italy and France where I had been on a painting trip and also to attend some award ceremonies where I was awarded two Diplomas recognizing my work as a professional visual artist.  Societie Arts, Sciences, Lettres - Paris. On June 14th I was honoured with a Pewter Medal and Diploma from the ASL Society. Last year I was nominated for the award by my sponsor in France and was approved by the jury of the ASL. This is my second award from the ASL, the first being a Bronze Medal and Diploma two years ago. It will be another five years before I c... Read More
Jul 23, 2014 by Olivia Alexander

Voyages de l'inspiration Journeys of inspiration  Mère de l’arbre Neem en fleurs – Flowering Neem Tree Mother Désormais, je présente aussi mes photos de mes voyages de l’inspiration dans mon galerie d’art virtuelle. Pour plus des informations, vous pouvez visiter From now onwards, I also present my photos of my journeys of inspiration in my virtual art gallery. For more information, visit Avec Mère de l'arbre Neem et ma compagne Guru Puliyamma With Neem Tree Mother and my co... Read More
Jul 20, 2014 by Mariska Ondrich

Fine Art Gallery. San Francisco. Painting. Artist Sergey Konstantinov.   Painting. Artist Sergey Konstantinov. Fine Art Gallery. San Francisco. The gallery exhibits modern and contemporary art. Painting. Artist Sergey Konstantinov. Read More
Jul 16, 2014 by Sergey Konstantinov

Exposition personnelle Mères des arbres Neem – Danse éternelle Solo exhibition Neem Tree Mothers - Eternal Dance 17/5 - 31/5/2014 II Mon texte qui a expliqué la philosophie de l’expo aux visiteurs : Mères des arbres Neem – Danse éternelle L’inspiration de MAriska, artiste-peintre éco-spirituelle et citoyenne de la Terre vivant au Tamoul Nadu, Inde, sont la Terre-Mère et la Mère Nature, surtout les Mères des arbres Neem. Cette exposition personnelle de l’artiste qui se déroule à l’office de Tourisme du 17 au 31 mai est une célébration des Mères des arbres Neem. Les toiles exposées symbolisent leurs énergies guérissantes et expriment aussi l’amour profond que MAriska porte aux Mères des arbres Neem. Pour ses peintures, l... Read More
Jul 13, 2014 by Mariska Ondrich

RECALL THE NOVEL IS NOW OUT  RECALL IS NOW OUT. COULD YOU HAVE YOUR LOCAL BOOKSTORE ORDER IT FROM THEIR CATALOG? ONE is Ingram Sparks. Anyway, could you post this link to the kindle version on your page and if you on your blog? Read More
Jul 11, 2014 by Toni Barca

Exposition Energies de la Terre-Mère et Mère Nature Vol. I Energies de la Terre-Mère et Mère Nature Vol. I Exposition personnelle MAriska MA – l’art éco-spirituel de la déesse Terre et Nature 9-5-2014 - 16-6-2014 Graine de Gourmandise, salon de thé bio Maisons-Laffitte C’était une grande joie pour moi d’exposer 8 de mes toiles au salon de thé Graine de gourmandise. Merci beaucoup à Christine pour l’accueil chaleureux et pour organiser mon expo d’art dans son joli salon de the, un lieu plein d’énergie positive. Je suis très contente que j’ai déjà organise la prochaine expo au salon de thé en septembre 2015. It was a great pleasure for me to exhi... Read More
Jul 11, 2014 by Mariska Ondrich

Catchcold Tower, Lower Hewood Farm Residency and General Shenanigans. A somewhat belated blog, but better late than never. After the gruelling task of essay writing was finally completed I needed to be free of the confines of a studio or a desk. The day was gorgeous so set off to occupy some public space with my art. An artist friend of mine Louisa was in the studio that day too and knowing a lot of her work is performative and relating to the interactions of people I asked if she would like to collaborate, she said yes. Just opposite the studio are the medieval city walls with a small tower, well small from the town side, extremely high from the dock side. The... Read More
Jul 9, 2014 by Tina Lane

Artmajeur Silver Award I am so happy to have received the Artmajeur Silver 2014 Award!  My sincere thanks to all my supporters and followers. With all my heart, Lily van Bienen  <a href="" title="Artmajeur Award 2014"><img src="" alt="Lily van Bienen Award 2014" style="margin-right:10px;"/><h2><strong>Silver Award 2014</strong> Attributed to Lily van Bienen</h2> </a>   Read More
Jul 5, 2014 by Lily Van Bienen

Painting Plein-air "Plovdiv 2014" От 1 до 7 юни 2014 г. в Пловдив се проведе второто издание на пленера по живопис „Пловдив от твореца сътворен“, организиран от Ротари клуб Пловдив - Пълдин. И тази година арт форумът среща именити български творци с най-младото поколение художници, за да нарисуват свои любими места в града под тепетата. Проявата е в подкрепа на кандидатурата на Пловдив за европейска столица на културата. С организирането на пленера за пореден път в Пловдив, гражданското общество прояви устойчивост и характер, нещо което е много ценно за града. Всеки път, когато големи художници идват, за да творят под тепетата... Read More
Jul 4, 2014 by Mihaela Ivanova

Romantic Paintings, The Thames & Eel Pie Island I've just completed 5 landscape paintings much bigger than I've usually worked and found it be a real pleasure, especially as the gallery who commissioned the work was keen that I did not put too much detail in. Previously I've had requests to make quite detailed work of local scenes such as 'The View' from Richmond Hill looking down on the bend in the Thames River. This view has been painted by artists since Turner's time and beyond and is preserved from building development. The flood plane known as Petersham Meadow has cows grazing on it and the hill above is a favourite place for romance,... Read More
Jul 3, 2014 by Lee Campbell

Spectrum Fine Art Gallery and Artisan Store FRIDAY JUNE 27 (6:30-9pm) All Natural Exhibit Opening Reception Gloria Nilsson will be among participating artists and artisans who are integrating natural materials into their artwork in the All Natural Exhibition at Spectrum Gallery. The Gallery's Artisan store will also include several of Gloria's unique hand painted scarves featuring decorative motifs. Enjoy meeting participating artists, wine, and hors d’oeuvres by Blue Hound Cookery.  Exhibit runs June 27 – August 10, 2014. Spectrum Fine Art Gallery and Artisan Store, located at 61 Main Street, Centerbrook, CT 06409, http://www.spectru... Read More
Jun 25, 2014 by Gloria Nilsson

First blog ever. Hi guys,  This is my first Blog . How are we today? I hope everybody enjoys my Paintings & Photographic of the South Coast of N.S.W (Eurobodalla). Beautiful Mountains, Beaches, and Rivers. The wildlife here and wild birds of all sorts. Sea eagles are my favourite. But I say most of my photos are of Pelican. My Paintings are from the Murray River in Victoria. Like Sandhills, & Murray River Dreaming. Blue Lake comes from my Favourite place in South Australia, Mt.Gambier. Its time out for me, until then everybody enjoy there day. Bye for now Read More
Jun 23, 2014 by Sharon Atkinson

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