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Popular artworks

©2014 by Maksym Denysenko

Maksym Denysenko Aug 23, 2014

©2014 by Fabrice Favard

Fabrice Favard Aug 23, 2014

60x73 cm ©2011 by Roger Rode

Roger Rode Mar 7, 2011

73x92 cm ©2014 by Thierry Ferrand

Thierry Ferrand Aug 23, 2014

18x14 in ©2011 by Paul Sabine

Paul Sabine May 31, 2011

21x21" x x32 in ©2013 by T.Pinzòn

T.Pinzòn Aug 22, 2014

100x120 cm ©2014 by Hervé Visery

Hervé Visery Aug 23, 2014

36x48 cm ©2011 by Helen Arts

Helen Arts Aug 22, 2014

20x20 cm ©2012 by Mona Edulesco

Mona Edulesco Jul 10, 2012

80x60 cm ©2014 by Sandrine Deckalo

Sandrine Deckalo Aug 22, 2014

65x80 cm ©2011 by Martine Flory

Martine Flory May 10, 2011

33x86 cm ©2008 by Isabel Pons Tello

Isabel Pons Tello Jun 27, 2010

80x60 cm ©2008 by Siproshvili Givi

Siproshvili Givi Nov 5, 2008

©2014 by Deborah Leigh

Deborah Leigh Aug 21, 2014

©2014 by jean-claude COUSTILIERES

jean-claude COUSTILIERES Aug 21, 2014

40x40 cm ©2014 by Nicole Le Meur

Nicole Le Meur Jul 17, 2014

©2014 by Sheraf

Sheraf Aug 21, 2014

50x70 cm ©1975 by Ezechiele Leandro (1905-1981)

Ezechiele Leandro (1905-1981)

New Artworks

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50x50 cm ©2014 by Marie Claude Lambert

Marie Claude Lambert Aug 22, 2014

27x35 cm ©2014 by Stéphanie Krauffel

Stéphanie Krauffel Aug 23, 2014

©2014 by Luana Béatrice Lazar

Luana Béatrice Lazar Aug 23, 2014

©2014 by Ulli Heupel

Ulli Heupel Aug 23, 2014

©2014 by Günter Havlena

Günter Havlena Aug 23, 2014

©2014 by Miodrag Aubertin

Miodrag Aubertin Aug 23, 2014

40x40 cm ©2014 by jacqueline jouan

jacqueline jouan Aug 23, 2014

0,2x31x23 cm ©2014 by Aurelio Nicolazzo

Aurelio Nicolazzo Aug 23, 2014

60x50 cm ©2014 by Rosa Hollmann

Rosa Hollmann Aug 23, 2014

25x25 in ©2014 by Steve Beck

Steve Beck Aug 23, 2014

12x9 in ©2014 by Suzanne Berton

Suzanne Berton Aug 23, 2014

33x46 cm ©2014 by Frederique Manley

Frederique Manley Aug 23, 2014

©2014 by Goutam Chakraborty

Goutam Chakraborty Aug 23, 2014

©2014 by Soraya B.

Soraya B. Aug 23, 2014

68x96 cm ©2014 by Isabel OLLANGE

Isabel OLLANGE Aug 23, 2014

46x38 cm ©2014 by Nathalie Armand

Nathalie Armand Aug 23, 2014

33x25 cm ©2014 by Сергей Дьяконов

Сергей Дьяконов Aug 23, 2014

45x57 cm ©2014 by Natalja Cernecka

Natalja Cernecka Aug 23, 2014

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Community timeline

Aug 23, 2014 by M. FUNK

Recent Comments about my Artworks Jun 23, 2014Artwork Magnifique ! Très belle galerie variée     Jun 23, 2014Artwork Superbe ...j'adore               Jun 23, 2014Artwork Superbe photo     Jun 23, 2014Artwork Belle couleur et peinture pleine de douceur ...bravo     May 30, 2014Artwork très belle étude , bravo !     May 30, 2014Artwork The linguish of hands i like regards     May 27, 2014Artwork C'est tout mignon, c'est très joli, mes félicitations.     May 27, 2014Artwork joli     May 12, 2014Art... Read More
Aug 17, 2014 by Ali Gracie

Artist Price List at Hidden Manna Cafe             DONNA W. RADCLIFFE                                      Special Promotion Prices                       at                Hidden Manna Cafe         PRICE LIST   Art Work Title: Mystery Mountain Date: 2014               Medium/Material: Mixed Media/Oil Size: 20 x 16 Retail Price: $1500    Promotion Sale Price: $650 _____________________________________________________________________________   Art Work Title: City Lights Date: 2009 Remix: 2013           Medium/Material: Mixed Media Size: 20 x 16  Retail Price: $1500    Promotion Sale Price: $650 _______________... Read More
Aug 17, 2014 by Donna W. Radcliffe

Piano CD interest is growing the eponymous named Piano CD after this project has shown enocouraging and growing interest amongst listeners - I think few people realize the difficulty in simply getting people to find and then listen to your music - an online search will show millions of records - contemporary or historic availble - it might well be far more than that - billions? - I would not be surprised - part of the brilliance of the internet and social networks such as facebook et al is that the spread of word of mouth is so much more vast than pre-internet days - I truly have a global audience and people from around t... Read More
Aug 16, 2014 by Glenn Michael Morley

Episodes:the Mummy - ebook Episodes : The Mummy & Absolute Hour English - Poems by Fernando Pessoa Art Lux Mundi by LuxMundi Read More
Aug 16, 2014 by Lux Mundi

Whatsup! Finaly getting back in here to chat... probably with my self. Well I stopped painting for the summere back in the end of June. I miss it and am looking forward to a long quiet, peacefull clod snowy winter with lots of time and desire to paintagain. Can't really explain how I am able to go for months without the sight and smwll of the oil paints. I am out side as much as possiable in the beautifull warm dry weather we get up here. Only hit 90 degrees once and the nights are always cool. The hottest one was 70 and humid. I have lots of gardens with flowers that come back every year and each yea... Read More
Aug 15, 2014 by Su Yurewich

Aspects of Love is Published in Life As Human Magazine Great news! You can view my work in Life As Human. "... the human interest magazine for evolving minds, featuring content that talks about what it means to be human — the good, the bad … and the enlightening." I was just minding my own business when a message appeared on my website asking me if I wanted to submit work to their upcoming issue. Of course I said, "Yes!"  I am honoured to have been approached to submit my work and am looking forward to more opportunities like this one. The images seen in Life As Human can be ordered as prints, greeeting cards and postcards. You can also purchase t... Read More
Aug 14, 2014 by Simone Frank

Gaya Art at Google Open Gallery GOOGLE OPEN GALLERY I am pleased to announce my Art Collaboration with Google! Google Open Gallery makes the technology behind Google Cultural Institute’s cultural projects available to artists to publish and share their artwork, archives, and other cultural content. Google Open Gallery platform provides tools and technologies to help create, preserve, and promote access to culture and heritage by bringing a globa audience to your cultural content. Google Open Gallery is not an online art sale place. It allows you to exhibit your artwork with a nice... Read More
Aug 9, 2014 by Gayane Karapetyan

Vidéo Exposition personnelle Solo exhibition MAriska MA – Maisons –Lafitte Désormais, vous trouvez la vidéo de mon exposition personnelle Energies de la Terre-Mère et Mère Nature Vol. I MAriska MA – l’art éco-spirituel de la déesse Terre et Nature 9-5-2014 - 16-6-2014 Graine de Gourmandise, salon de thé bio Maisons-Laffitte sur youtube   From now onwards, you can watch the video of my solo exhibition Energies of Mother Earth and Nature Vol.I MAriska MA – Eco-spiritual Earth-Nature Goddess Art on youtube Read More
Aug 9, 2014 by Mariska Ondrich

Quiet Summer ... things have been quite quiet on the creative side this summer and with reason - recovery from writing the last History text has taken longer than expected BUT when you consider what it took I am not so surprised - if nothing else it was good to push some personal boundaries on what you can endure - the final six months I was writing 40-50 hours a week - working full time and sleeping about 2-4 hours a night - week after week - more an exercise to see how much sleep deprivation I could endure or rather how little sleep I actually needed - I admit I have tempered my belief that sleep is over... Read More
Aug 9, 2014 by Glenn Michael Morley

Up and running Well,  I've finally got everything loaded and ready and up.  No prices because somehow I am not able to save the changes that I need to put in prices in dollar amounts and not Euros.  Soon! This was at first a little nerve racking.  I tend to stress over the starting of anything, especially when I have to show off what I can do. The next act is to set up my photography station and take photos of several new purses.  They are mostly small and will go fast.  At the moment I am working on a series of market (like farmers) bags.  I will be taking pictures and posting them when the series is don... Read More
Aug 6, 2014 by Mary Lynn Heth

Composition in red, yellow and blue, Piet Mondrian Mondrian wanted to encase the colors in harmonic forms with black lines. Did you know that he was inspired by the cathedral's glass windows? You can read more in my blog (spanish version) or (english version) Please, register to receive the weekly new posts. Next weeks: a Letter von Van Gogh (only spanish version); Monet, a gourmet?; we talk about the color RED. Read More
Jul 31, 2014 by Cristina Del Rosso

Jul 29, 2014 by M. FUNK

Back from Paris! I've recently arrived home after five weeks in Italy and France where I had been on a painting trip and also to attend some award ceremonies where I was awarded two Diplomas recognizing my work as a professional visual artist.  Societie Arts, Sciences, Lettres - Paris. On June 14th I was honoured with a Pewter Medal and Diploma from the ASL Society. Last year I was nominated for the award by my sponsor in France and was approved by the jury of the ASL. This is my second award from the ASL, the first being a Bronze Medal and Diploma two years ago. It will be another five years before I c... Read More
Jul 23, 2014 by Olivia Alexander

Voyages de l'inspiration Journeys of inspiration  Mère de l’arbre Neem en fleurs – Flowering Neem Tree Mother Désormais, je présente aussi mes photos de mes voyages de l’inspiration dans mon galerie d’art virtuelle. Pour plus des informations, vous pouvez visiter From now onwards, I also present my photos of my journeys of inspiration in my virtual art gallery. For more information, visit Avec Mère de l'arbre Neem et ma compagne Guru Puliyamma With Neem Tree Mother and my co... Read More
Jul 20, 2014 by Mariska Ondrich

Fine Art Gallery. San Francisco. Painting. Artist Sergey Konstantinov.   Painting. Artist Sergey Konstantinov. Fine Art Gallery. San Francisco. The gallery exhibits modern and contemporary art. Painting. Artist Sergey Konstantinov. Read More
Jul 16, 2014 by Sergey Konstantinov

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