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Veber Oksana

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gbWallington,United Kingdom

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Oksana Veber

Born in Altaj region of Russia.
Education: Academy of Fine Arts Kyiv Ukraine, Art College Briansk Russia.
Member of the Ukrainian Association of Commercial Artists.
Commercial art experience: Union of Commercial and Industrial Artists - monumental art, stained-glass, and oil painting. Graphic art, including corporate logo designs.

Personal Exhibitions
2014- Paintings Collection, Zelena Punta, Kukljica, Croatia.
2012- Sea Songs, Prachen Museum, Pisek, Czech Republic.
2012- "MK Arts for Health" Personal Exhibition, MK Hospital Foyer, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom.
2011- Sea dream, Gallery Mul na Zalu, Pucko Otvoreno Uciliste, Preko, Croatia.
2009- Shadow dance, Museum of Antic Glass, Zadar, Croatia.
2009- Portus Gallery, Pisek, Czech Republic.
2007-2009 - Acorn Galleries Billingshurst West Sussex, Room № 9 Gallery Eastbourne, East Sussex, England.
2007- Voshan Gallery, Palo Alto, San Francisco, USA.
2004- '' ART Show''- Municipal Gallery Teplice, ''Modern Russian Art'' Fusion Center
Gallery TopLil Prague, CZ. ''Cotrexeville a l’’heure russe'' Russian Culture center Cotrexeville,
''ART Veber'' Gallery ART Shaker, Paris, France.
2003- ''Four Seasons'' Artmaster gallery, Prague Czech Republic, ''The Song of Sun'', Gallery Etienne de Causans, Paris France.
2002- ''Gleaming Summer'' American Embassy in Kyiv,
''A Different Way of Seeing'' ARTEast Gallery , Kiev, Ukraine.
2001- ''Vernissage'', Gallery of Russian Cultural Center, Copenhagen, ''Soul Mates'', Municipal Gallery, Espegarden, Denmark.
1999- ''Morning'', Art Cafe, Prague, ''Ingle-Side'', Tabor's Municipal Gallery, Czech Republic.
1997- ''Self-Portrait'', Municipal Gallery of Slavutich, Ukraine.

Group Exhibitions
2014- Group Exhibition, W3 Gallery, London, United Kingdom.
2013- "In to summer” Group Exhibition, CO Gallery, Iklin, Malta.
2013- "The Gender Agenda” Group Exhibition, W3 Gallery, London, United Kingdom.
2012- Edinburgh Art Fair 2012, Edinburgh, United Kingdom.
2012- Affordable Art Fair Roma 2012, Roma, Italy.
2012- "Drawing project” Group Exhibition, Crocus Gallery, Nottingham, United Kingdom.
2012- "Paper girl” Group Exhibition, Marburae Gallery, Macclesfield, Cheshire, United Kingdom.
2012- "Abstracted” Group Exhibition, Marburae Gallery, Macclesfield, Cheshire, United Kingdom.
2012- "Rising Stars” Group Exhibition, New Ashgate Gallery, Farnham, United Kingdom.
2012- "An Ideal Soup” Group Exhibition, Brent Artist Resource Gallery, London, United Kingdom.
2012- "Willesden show” Group Exhibition, Harlesden Gallery, London, United Kingdom.
2012- "Mull it over” Group Exhibition, Gallery Brighton, United Kingdom.
2011- "Women in Art” Group Exhibition, SO Galarie, Iklin, Malta.
2009- "The Sound of Art" , Falconer Center, Copenhagen, Denmark,
2009- "Calling all artists 2009", Carshalton Honeywood Museum, London, England.
2008- "Conversing in color", Rozanoff Art gallery, San Francisco, USA.
2007- ''ART Exhibition”, Multimedia Culture Centre, Kukljica, Croatia
2007- ''Summer 2007'', International Art workshop, Balcik, Bulgaria,
2007- ''Art Winter 2007'', Edinburgh, United Kingdom.
2007- ''ART Show''- Berlin, Germany.
2006-2007- ''Jadertina''- International Art workshop, Kukljica, Croatia.
2005-2007- ''Art Ireland Spring Collection'', ‘‘Art Ireland Winter'', ''Art Ireland Summer Collection''
- Dublin, Ireland.
2005- ‘‘Dreams about Don Quixote'' Prague, Czech Republic, Barcelona, Spain.
2005- ''ART Show''- Hilton foyer, Malta.
2004 - ''Contemporary Art'' - Municipal Gallery, Los Angeles, USA.
2004- ''Les peintres de Russie'' - Le Consulat General de Russie de Strasbourg, France.
1997-1998- ''Ukrainian Women as Great Artists'', Laura Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine.
1987-1992- 1996- 1997- ''Picturesque Ukraine'' - Autumn Art Exhibition, Artist Hays, Kyiv, Ukraine.

Czech Republic, Prague: ''Michalska 11'', ''Artmaster'', ''Godot'', ''Le Lesiants'', ''ArtKarlstejn''.
France, Paris: ''ART Shaker''',
England: ''Room № 9, ''Harlesden Gallery'', ''The Marylebone Gallery'', ''W3 Gallery''.
tel: +447930445801, e-mail:,

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Moonlight song
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Sky in your eyes
Painting 2x40x30 cm Price on request
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Rabbits in a field
Painting 50x70 cm Price on request
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