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Hong Kong, 中国


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Hong Kong, 中国

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介绍 & 传记

In the year 1999 , I graduated from the Tsinghua Academy of Arts .Back to Hong Kong I depicted another picture of the same subject matter and the reason of it I had made it clear in the inscription, of which is the wish of Bauhinia as a symbol of the “peaceful ambiance” connecting Hong Kong and Mainland China. Although the mauve color of the Bauhinia is not so eye-catching as the golden souvenir being bestow upon Hong Kong, the auspice of prosperity is the same.
During the long history of China’s cultural evolution, the accumulation of our civilization has never ceased even in time of trials and tribulations. Now the commitment of inheriting our cultural heritage has reached our hands to develop and pass to the future generations. If we are not aware of our responsibilities, it is meaningless to celebrate the reunification. We could have clear minds in the
peaceful ambiance, and the direction of cultural innovation could be easier to identify.