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Julia Tokar (Jt)

Wien, Austria
Artist (Painting)
Born 1974
"Painting is magic that never ends"

My creative path is a constant experiment. In my works, there is a definite connection between the spiritual and the material world. It is important for me not only to reveal the beauty of the human body or to show the variety of the color palette, but also to show the drama and emotions of the hero, and sometimes add mystery with the help of details. My goal is to arrange a dialogue between the viewer and the picture, to immerse them in a certain world of the theater, which I arrange on the canvas, I want to merge them together, where everyone will play their role, energize each other and enjoy the process of playing. I give the viewer the opportunity to fantasize, to interpret what he saw in his own way; often the work has several titles so that the owner of the work can see the versatility of the picture. Every time I have a choice between abstraction and figurativeness, this struggle has resulted in a certain alliance, where several styles can be combined in one work, which gives me the right to show my style. My abstract works are often endowed with hidden imagery, and figurative paintings are saturated with abstract elements who embody a kind of fantasy and meaning, sometimes hidden from others. The viewer's task is to find exectly that meaning ...

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