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Yannick Verdier Monsegur

Paris, France
Artist (Photography)
Born 1973
"Photography writes with light and heart. Fashion is everywhere, in every details, in every arts, in every times, in every emotions. Photography writes a part of this art made of fragility beauty."

"Photography writes with light and heart. Fashion is everywhere,
in every details, in every arts, in every times, in every emotions.
Photography writes a part of this art made of fragility beauty."

Born in France, based in Paris and International
After school of photography,
Yannick Verdier Monsegur conducts training
in photo services, then worked as an assistant
photo studio. His many field experiments allow
today to work actively between Asia and Europa.

After a career in the world of media and illustration,
he turned to fashion photography in 2000.
He discovers a world particularly conducive to
the expression of his creativity. Meanwhile,
he continues to develop an artistic mingling varioues
photographic approaches:black and white and color.

"La photographie écrit avec la lumière et le cœur.
La mode est partout, dans chaque détails, dans tous les arts,
dans tous les temps, dans chaques émotions;
La photographie écrit une partie de cet art fait de cette fragile beauté."


02.02-24.02 Paris Fashion Floors, Hopper Inspired IFI Wijaya
2017 19 - 20 -21 october VAE Drouot Epson MOLA Ventes aux Enchères
2017 1 - 20 october Peace Photo Expo IFI
2017 1 - 20 august Dansez La Ville! Photo Expo IFI
2017 14 may - 18 june Landscapes photography "Impressionis-minimal" at Never Been Better Café
2017 10 april - 10may Dance the City! IFI Institute Français
2016 november Patchwork Salon de la Photo Le coin des photographes Paris
2016 3- 30 october "Peace" at That's Life gallery JKT
2016.04.28 to 05.19 "Phoenix" at Never Been Better JKT
2015.08 "Fine Art collective" Blank Wall Gallery Athènes-Grèce
2015 15.06 15.09 Shanghai Tao Art Gallery
2015 19.06 22.06 Quingdao International Art Industry Fair
2015 14 au 18 mai Shenzhen International Cultural Industry Fair
2015 10.05/10.06 Yishu Room Gallery Beijing
2015 22.04 29.04 Salon du printemps d'art d'Aulnay
2015 .03 "AngelsStreet, Village Songzhuang,Beijing,China
2014 sept 9th to 26th "Femme Fatale" Le pont des Arts Gallery M50 Bldg SHANGHAI
2014 25.07 to 3.08 Angels Pudong Li- brary Qiancheng Road Pudong Library SHANGHAI
2013.05 Yin Yang Urbains Photo Festival Artlon Belgium-Luxembourg
2012.09 Mention Honorable IPA 2012 International Photography Awards
2012 mai Yin Yang Urbains invité en résidence Festival Photo Fepn Arles (fr)
2011 Shanghai Spirit Gallery Lazoukine Deauville fr
2011 Spirit of Shanghai Gallery Lipao-Huang St-Germain-des-près Paris
2005 Via Tokyo Festival Photo Manifesto city of Toulouse fr
2004 Splash Hype Gallery Exposition collective au Palais de Tokyo à Paris
1995 Exposition collective Les Mains, 50ème anniversaire du Secours Populaire 1994 Exposition collective Sens-Images 94

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