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Leonova Natalia

Omsk, Russia
Artist (Painting, Drawing)
Born 1983

Natalia Leonova graduated monumental department of Omsk State Pedagogical University, she studied with talented artists - teachers, such as Dorokhov, Maslov, Dolgushin, Kichigin and continued her creative formation engaged in the fine arts.

Creative search originating in the last year at the university, led to experiments with soft materials. The artist often uses textured bases and skillfully combines them with different materials. Natalia work performed usually in a mixed technique based - pastel, sauces, charcoal. The author is not afraid to experiment, but her work is always recognizable. They are characterized by a decorative approach, mostly low-key colors. A favorite theme in the work of Natalia - a still life. Her graphic works are filled with the rhythms of light and shadows, ornaments, items that are of everyday poetichno- positive. Every job has its own mood, but it's always bold in composition and educated tone of the work.

The artist has a lot of creative works, it is expressed in an active exhibition activities. Her works have participated in most of the major regional and All-Russia exhibition projects, such as the All-Russia Print Triennial "Figure Russia" in Tomsk, Interregional Youth Art Exhibition and Competition "Az.Art.Sibir" in Barnaul, Interregional Youth exhibition project "Omsk-ST .Petersburg. TRANSIT "in St. Petersburg, Russian competition for young artists in Tyumen and many others.

Her work is always distinguished by professionalism and skill. This is confirmed by the fact that for the exhibition industry Natalia were received diplomas of various degrees.

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