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Xu Bin

Shenzhen, China
Artist (Painting, Sculpture)
Born 1969
To the land of the thousand faces, with beauty that knows no bounds.

Xu Bin was born in 1969 in Guang'an, Sichuan, China. He graduated from the Fine Arts Department of Southwest Normal University and became a freelance artist afterwards. His early works were mainly oil paintings, influenced by Impressionist and Post-Impressionist artists such as Monet and Seurat. Through continuous learning and creative practice, he gradually integrated the artistic essence of Matisse, Picasso, Dali, Chagall and other artists, and combined with his own Chinese cultural background to develop his own mature artistic style.

Xu Bin's works are characterized by dazzling colors, graceful and powerful characters, and profound and rigorous themes. His vision is very broad, and his paintings not only express the solemnity and elegance of contemporary ordinary people, but also express the current hot social thoughts, historical and cultural changes, and even his vision for future life and future technology. His works, no matter what the subject matter, feel very elegant.

In recent years, Xu Bin has also tried to create many sculptures, and they are also very excellent.

Xu Bin is a very talented artist. He has a deep understanding of art and is able to express his thoughts and feelings through his works. He is constantly exploring and innovating, and his works are full of vitality and creativity. He is a great example of a contemporary artist.

As an artist who focuses on creation, Xu Bin rarely participated in exhibitions before 2017. However, he has since realized the importance of exhibitions and has participated in many important ones. His works have been widely acclaimed in the exhibitions, with many viewers praising his unique style and creative approach.


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