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Artist (Painting)
Born 1975

Wolk is a visual artist, writer and musician, best known for his award-winning b&w photography.

Wolk has been creating art since his teenage, but he only began publishing works in his mid-40s. The artist battled his bipolar disorder for years, relying on his creativity to help him get through the darkest points in his life. A bipolar disorder means powerful swings between deep depression and high mood, and so does Wolk’s art. He produces various art series, filled with emotions from touching melancholy to vibrant colors and high sexual energy.  The artist works with several different media such as photography, oils, crayons, digital and others that best suit his aims. 

Wolk grew up in the dark ages of the Soviet cold war in polar Archangel, then lived and worked in St.Petersburg. Traveling with his motorhome, and living in different countries and cultures, he considers himself a citizen of the world. Currently, he resides in Finland

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