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Wandering Wim

Vienna, Austria
Artist (Photography, Digital Arts)
Born unknown date
Exploring the beauty and science of nature.

As a scientist, I study and try to comprehend the beauty of nature. In particular, my research is focused on discovering and understanding the mathematical patterns and processes that give rise to the natural beauty we see all around us.

As a photographer, I admire and try to capture the beauty of nature. In particular, I like to go on (long) hiking trips to find and photograph remote and unspoiled natural beauty. Although I also enjoy shooting sunsets and other beautiful things closer to home.

Originally from The Netherlands, I obtained a PhD (computer science) in the USA, and have been working, living, and traveling all over the world since then as a wandering scientist. Currently my home base is in Vienna, Austria, but that can change again at any moment. Always looking out for new and exciting opportunities and adventures!

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