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Minas Gerais, Brazil
Artist (Drawing, Painting)
Born unknown date
Art is a form of translating our souls

Young brazilian artist currently living in Minas Gerais state.

I was an imaginative, super creative kid since my first years of life and art helped me to find a way to put all of my imagination out primarily through crayons, pencils and gouache.

In my childhood I'd love to be drawing all day and create new characters of all kinds, colors, shapes, species, and personalities. I'd also draw on school and you can find some of my during-classes art on my gallery. 

As time went by I wanted to explore new styles, materials and improve my skills. I took oil painting classes and felt mesmerized with the whole new world revealed to me through canvases and oils.

Thanks and enjoy.


Discover contemporary artworks by Vsheeva, browse recent artworks and buy online. Categories: contemporary brazilian artists (born unknown date). Artistic domains: Drawing, Painting. Account type: Artist , member since 2023 (Country of origin Brazil). Buy Vsheeva's latest works on Artmajeur: Discover great art by contemporary artist Vsheeva. Browse artworks, buy original art or high end prints.

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