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Vitalina Desbocada

Antwerp, Belgium
Artist (Painting)
Born unknown date

Vitalina Desbocada is a contemporary artist based in Belgium. Using her ambiguity and provocation as her favorite tools, she looks into the depths of the human subconscious and makes human feelings speak and manifest.

Desbocada’s artistic creativity has two focuses. One line is associated with clever pop art pieces that are occasionally a little infantile and have a hint of nasty humor. Her second direction - which is also her most powerful and impressive - is entirely focused on the essence of women. Her primary subject matter is women and their seductive attractiveness. Women's true, occasionally forbidding sexuality, eroticism, and magical desire are revealed by Desbocada. The artist portrays women in all their mysteriously enticing loveliness. It enables viewers to observe women's lives as they explore their endless personalities and self-discovery.

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