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Vinko Hlebs

Artist (Painting)
1943 - 2022
Vinko liked to say that he can teach anyone to paint, but that they have to become an artist by themselves.

Vinko Hlebs is a contemporary Slovenian painter. He is renowned for his consistent desire for creating and continually artistically exploring new possibilities within the framework of the chosen motifs, which he used to develop the artistic formula of his own artistic language, that had earned him a public reputation and the respect of the profession.

At the start of his creative career, fifty years ago, Vinko Hlebs focused primarily on the motifs of still life and landscape, so forms assumed from nature, indicating his primary interest and inspiration throughout his opus. At the turn of the 1970s, he finally decided on his central motif starting point, choosing the world of flora, and did not shift his focus in the following decades, creating an authentic artistic language with his continued creative endeavors.

Vinko Hlebs was born in 1943, in Trzic, Slovenia. He is a member of the Vienna Arts Society, Ljubljana Visual Arts Society and The Slovenian Association of Fine Arts Societies. He was educated at arts courses in Kranj with the academy-trained painter Milan Batista, academy-trained painter Stane Kregar, and in Ljubljana with Dr Milan Butina. In 2018 he was awarded as honorary citizen of the municipality of Trzic.

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