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Vince Bank

Artist (Painting, Drawing)
Born unknown date
Drawing is the skeleton ; color and materials give the mood, the power and the feeling.

I started my artistic practices with drawing, wanting to be a comics author. I started watercolor then oil and acrylic in the nineties. I saw that playing with various materials opened a lot of possibilities.

I have made illustrations for books, wrote a comic, made storyboards, animated part of a film on the death of Salvatore Allende, but my passion is painting.

I like to experiment and often let the materials express themselves sometimes with unwanted mixes that will give an unexpected and interested result.

I now use many medias such as paper, tape, paint, watercolors, pastel, acrylic and oil paint, graphite, pen, cement , glues, chemicals, metal etc...

My main subjects are people. I use imagery inspired by many universes from Noir movies and books, music, comics but also classical painting.

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