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Tran Tuan

Hanoi, Vietnam
Artist (Painting)
Born 1961
Through all forms, immersed in the universe

Tran Tuan is a distinguished Vietnamese painter whose artworks have been widely exhibited nationally and internationally. Inspired by Eastern spirituality, his abstract pieces appear at first to be wholly minimalist and contained, when in fact they contain striking intensity and vibrancy, primarily achieved through a vivid color palette and layering techniques. Tran’s resulting works provide each viewer with a glimpse into his innermost thoughts. His artwork “My Hanoi city” was ranked third in the top ten of the competition “Bright light-Big city” organized by Saatchi Gallery-London-May, 2013 with the participation of 2000 artists worldwide.

Tuan is an established painter whose paintings have found their way into the hands of private collectors in Europe, Asia and America.
Tran Tuan graduated from the Fine Art University in Hanoi and has exhibited his art in Vietnam, Paris and New York.

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