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12 Eki 2017
Configure your gallery to sell online Yorumlar 5

We receive messages every days from collectors who wish to buy works but can not finalize their transactions because they are blocked by a lack of information necessary for the sale!

  • The dimensions of the work are missing
  • There is no price for delivery
  • Absence of payment method
  • Terms of sale not defined


Today's Internet users are used to finding this information easily and buy regularly from merchant sites: it is crucial to take the time to configure your gallery to allow collectors to feel reassured and confident. It is only in this way that it is possible to trigger the act of purchase!



The price of the work

  • Enter the price! If the price is not shown, you lose 90% of potential buyers!


Methods of payment

  • Set up at least 1 payment method in section MY ACCOUNT> SETTINGS
  • It is strongly recommended to offer PAYPAL to secure the transaction


Delivery fees

  • Configure the standard shipping prices on section MY ACCOUNT> SETTINGS
  • Specify any shipping costs by editing each work if necessary


Terms & Conditions

  • Choose the standard terms of sale, or write your own terms of sale on MY ACCOUNT> SETTINGS


Information on the work:

  • Very important: Specify the dimensions of the work
  • Indicate the title and write a description that indicates the context and tells the story of the work to make the visitor dream !


The visuals of the works:

  • Load a good photo, well centered, well lit
  • Do not add text / date / copyright
  • Crop it perfectly, remove any disruptive elements


We estimate that the number of sales on the platform could be multiplied by 10 or more if all buyers had all the required information on a work at the time they wish to make their purchase!


cap-2017-10-12-a-18-43-31.jpg Configure your gallery to sell online

sell online how to sell art online


Yorumlar 5

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Zavalko Portre Zavalko     Ukrayna  

Ukraine not have PayPal!

Aliern Portre Aliern     Ibiza, İspanya  

Quiero construir mi nueva página con más obras pero no puedo entrar en mi página anterior como puedo hacerlo?

Vadym Puzanov Portre Vadym Puzanov     Ukrayna  

Ukraine have no PayPal. Maybe the Artmajeur have other electronic systems?

Alena Shymchonak Portre Alena Shymchonak     Estonya  


Zakharova Tatiana Portre Zakharova Tatiana     Санкт-Петербург, Rusya