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Teresa Martins

Almada, Portugal
Artista (Pintura)
Nascido em 1969

My painting may be described in two words: colour and movement.
My work reflects my vision of society and of our world, where nothing stands still, everything is continuously moving. I address this perpetual movement in a very personal and intimate way, through the fluidity of the colour stains that allows me to create characters, scenes and stories designed to engage the viewers emotionally. The mixture of colours resulting from the movement of the medium used gives spontaneity to this painting, where there’s no «safety net» but rather an ever echoing surprise.

Although the object of my work may change, colour is always at its centre. I love colour for its powerful symbolism and I use it to convey emotion. Sometimes I start one work already knowing the goal I wish to attain, other times I follow the emotions that unfold along the process. With this very fluid technique there is no absolute control over the results, and I receive that final surprise gratefully.

With my abstract painting I wish to create connections with the viewer, allow him or her to feel the pleasure and the joy of discovery in a sea of coloured spots, to be surprised by each line of contour, patch of colour or transparency, and in this way connecting emotionally with the work of art.

See www.teresamartins. com

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