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Sylva Zalmanson

Hadera, Israel
Artist (Painting)
Born 1944

Sylva’s artistic theme has always been connected to people. Flamenco dance attracts the artist with the emotional fulfillment of the movement, grace, freedom of expression and passion. All that creates the spirit and magic of "Duende" that Sylva depicts with vibrant colors on her canvases.
She works in mixed media.
Sylva Zalmanson exhibited in Israel, U.S,A, U.K. Italy. Romania and Finland.

Sylva Zalmanson was born and raised in Riga, Latvia
Sylva Zalmanson arrived in Israel in 1974 after spending four years as a prisoner of Zion in the former Soviet Union.
As an artist, Sylva’s theme comprises everything that is connected to people. A major influence on her art has been the Flamenco Dance. The emotional saturation of this dance together with the grace of movement, the freedom of expression and passion that is combined with the fluidity of body motion and the beauty of the coiling hands and knocking heels. All of these join to achieve the state of “Duende,” that exhibits the spirit, magic, bewitching and imperceptibility of the dance. This is expressed through the vibrant colors and mixed media to obtain the depicted images.
Sylva’s work is on exhibition in Israel, and has also been exhibited in the USA, the UK, Italy, Rumania and Finland.
Her works are in private collections in Israel, U.S.A. ,U.K. France, Russia and Latvia.
Sylva has been featured in various Israeli TV and radio programs as well as publications in Israel.

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