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Victor Sydorenko

Artist (Installation, Painting)
Born 1953


31 December 1953 - was born in the town of Taldy-Kurgan, Kazakhstan
1974-1979 - studied at Kharkiv Institute of Applied Arts (professor B.V. Kosarev)
1985-1988 - Post Graduate of Creative Studio of the Academy of Arts of the USSR (Academician, professor S.A. Grigoryev)


Academy of Arts of Ukraine, National Union of Artists of Ukraine

Professional activities:

Since - 2001 - Founder and Director of the Modern Art Research Institute of Academy of Arts of Ukraine
2002 - Professor of Kharkiv Academy of Design and Arts

Principal curatorial projects:

1997, 2000, 2003 – Triennale of Graphic Arts, (catalogue), Kyiv, Ukraine
1998, 2001, 2004 – Triennale of Painting, (catalogue), Kyiv, Ukraine
1999, 2002 – Triennale of Sculpture, (catalogue), Kyiv, Ukraine
2000, 2002, 2005 – “New Directions”; Kyiv, Ukraine
2002 – “Art of Ukraine”, Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia, (catalogue)
2003 – “ Millstones of Time”, Ukrainian project at the 50 Venice Biennale,
(catalogue, CD-ROM)

Personal exhibitions:

1989 - "The Aral Sea", Artist House, Kharkiv
1992 - Fine Arts Museum, Kharkiv
1993 - National Museum of Fine Arts , Kyiv
1995 - Art Gallery, Lviv, Ukraine
1996 - State Fine Arts Museum of Kazakhstan, Alma-Ata 1997 - Municipal Gallery, Kharkiv
1998 - Pendelton Art Centre, Cincinnati, USA
1999 - Lille, France (catalogue)
2000-2001 - “Aral cycle”, Maysternya gallery, Kyiv
2002 - Soviart gallery, Kyiv
2003 - “Millstones of Time”, 50th Venice Biennale, (catalogue, CD-ROM)
2003 - Lora D. Art gallery, Chicago, USA
2004 - “Millstones of Time”, National Art Museum of Ukraine, Kyiv
2006- «Authentification», Lavra gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine (catalogue)

Group exhibitions:

1979-1997 - All-Ukrainian exhibitions of the Union of Artists of Ukraine, Kyiv
1983 - All-Soviet Union exhibition of the Academy of Fine Arts, Moscow
1984 - "My contemporary", Soviet-Union – Czecho-Slovakia, Central House of Artists, Moscow
1987 - Post Graduates Exhibition of the Academy of Fine Arts of the USSR, Museum of Russian Fine Arts, Kyiv
1992 - Exhibition " Art of Ukraine", Yale University, USA
1992 - Exhibition of works of Ukrainian Artists, Berlin (Zelendorf, Germany)
1993 - "Konsumentart-93", Nurnberg, Germany
1995 - Kyiv Arts Fair – 95, Ukraine
1998 - International Art Festival, National Art Center “Ukrainian House”, Kyiv (catalogue)
1998 - Salon of Central and Eastern Europe, Paris, France
2000 - All-Ukraine Christmas Exhibition, National Union of Artists of Ukraine, Kyiv
2002 - “Art of Ukraine”, Beijing, China
2002 - “Art of nations”(1992-2002), Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia, (catalogue)
2003 - “Blood: Lines and Connections”, Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver, USA
2003 - “Eurographic – 2003”, Lavra gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
2004 - “Faster than History”, Museum of Contemporary Art KIASMA, Helsinki, Finland (catalogue)
2004 - „Farewell, the weapon”, Museum of Contemporary Art «Arsenal», ...

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