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Stas Agapitov

Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan
Artist (Painting)
Born 1993

At the outset of my career, I did not even think about who needs my paintings. I looked for information, experimented, made mistakes, and got the desired result. I was in the stream, in general, I knew myself as an artist.

I used every technique from liquid acrylic to abstraction in mixed techniques. It was like I’m lost. I tried to get all the information, to comprehend everything at once. Someone is closer to realism, others love delicate watercolors, but I like abstraction. I’m looking for inspiration in my strengths and resources, so my Art reflects my identity.

Step by step, my paintings found their home, and there were people who liked my art. This supported the desire to develop. For me creating abstract painting is an opportunity to express the creativity I. My paintings are complicated and mysterious in their own way, and everyone will see something on our own.

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