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Menifee, California, United States
Artist (Photography)
Born unknown date
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Stacey Harris is a contemporary photographer and painter who resides in Southern California. She has a background in holistic healing and creates artwork that transmits a wish for well-being onto paper and canvas. Her inspiration comes from what she considers to be the natural elements of rejuvenation—simplicity, spaciousness, and whimsical playfulness. She loves to “take a closer feel” by paying mindful attention to the beauty in the details. Her work becomes a soothing visual meditation, and she states “To be present and notice the miraculous in the common is the sweetest kiss from life itself." 

Her photography focuses on elements in nature, and her paintings are acrylic on canvas. Stacey is a newcomer to the art world, and she credits her parents for teaching her about the gifts that come from aligning with creativity.

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