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Simon Taylor

Barkingside, United Kingdom
Artist (Painting, Digital Arts)
Born 1961
Let my heart guide my hand

My background has mainly been in music , i was a freelance trumpet player mainly working on the cruise ships and seeing the world - After living in my sisters garage for over 10 years -suffering for ones art ! i recently took a trip to a friend  who had just moved to Sicily and loved the  light and countryside  so as if by chance i found a place i could actually afford to own ! so  now I'm living in a a small mountain village around 25 miles from Syracuse in south east Sicily .Its a little of a struggle not knowing the language - but i hope to get better ...Unfortunately things didnt work out in Sicily-now back in the UK

 Art has always been my other passion, it wasn't long ago i decided to make a go of selling my Art .  I've got a pretty good reaction, and so I continue to paint and always will.
Painting is such a love for me and I try to be honest to it , but it is always a battle between the eye and the heart  with hope that a truth lies  within .

I hope you enjoy some of my efforts.

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