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Yury Shtapakov

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St. Petersburg, Russia

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Yury Shtapakov
Born 28.11.1958 in Leningrad( USSR).
In 1974-1978 did study in Architectural College.
Served in Soviet Army.
Has worked as architect, graphic designer.
Since 1988 has been a freelance artist.
Founder of the art-group “SteelSunflowerSeeds”.
Working as a painter and printmaker.
Has illustrated books by Boris Vian, George Orwell,
J.R.R.Tolkien, Jack Kerouak, Lewis Carroll,
Daniil Kharms, Edward Lear, etc.
Member of Artist’ Union of Russia.
Founder( with P. Belyi) of St. P...

Member since Sep 20, 2007 ~ Last modification date : Dec 3, 2013

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