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Sergey Kirillov

Kursk, Russia
Artist (Painting)
Born 1972

Kirillov Sergey Gennadievich .Born in the USSR in Kursk in 1972 , he was educated at the local art school .After graduating from the Technical University , he was engaged in commerce and lived in Odessa and Moscow .In the early 2000s, he organized a textile production for the production of women's clothing under the nova-moda brand, where he works as a designer.He has repeatedly participated in fashion contests and exhibited his collections on the catwalks .In parallel , he was engaged in digital graphics and illustrated websites and Internet publishing houses .Since 2018 , he has changed digital art to painting .He is fond of philosophy, esotericism, literature, art history, windsurfing, which has definitely left its imprint on the artist's consciousness.The interest in the world masterpieces of painting , literature and art was also a significant contribution to the formation of the concept of the vision of the world .In his work Sergey wants to combine classicism and the correctness of proportions with the absurd fantasy of the mind in his opinion, even the most absurd thing should be harmonious and fit in

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