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Scott Gregory Banner

Artist (Photography)
Born 1963
Traveling and experiencing other cultures is fundamental to broadening our minds.

Scott Gregory Banner is a well-established photographer. He believes black and white photographs are significant for two reasons. First, due to the absence of colour, the tonal range in a black and white photograph provides depth that can realise ‘more’ to an image. An example of this is the role that shadow plays in an image by 'creating' what appears to be a third dimension. Second, because black and white represents the period before colour imagery, black and white photographs have ‘timeless’ qualities and provide direct visual links to times past. It is these aesthetic and timeless qualities in black and white photographs that he loves to capture. He believes the quality that separates colour imagery from black and white imagery is vibrancy. Therefore, a decision to produce a colour photograph should be based on promoting the distinct colour elements within a scene. Only then can the brilliance of the photograph be realised. It is this brilliance in colour photographs that he loves to capture.

During the last thirty years, he has traveled extensively, frequently to remote locations. This exploration has been crucial for him in gaining a better understanding of the physical landscape, cultures, and people of the world. Photography has played an important role in this investigation. 

Scott Gregory Banner was born and raised in Sydney, Australia, and currently resides there. He has exhibited his work and his photographs have featured in journal publications in Australia and America and on Australian National television.

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