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Artist (Drawing, Painting)
Born unknown date

SBBoursot in a multidisciplinary artist based in the wine area of Burgundy, France. Her work has been collected across Europe and the US

Her move to Burgundy allowed her to have a studio and devote her time to art. She has exhibited in juried exhibitions in Paris and London and won the Prix Fusain at Art-Sciences-Lettres in May 2022.

As subjects she is attracted to people and animals, and the situations they find themselves in. She portrays them in an impressionist style, pushing towards abstraction, blurring the usual edges, sometimes leaving the viewer to complete the picture.  

Her sculptures are on the theme of aging, being a mix of abstract painting, sculpting and expressionism that are developed intuitively.

She currently enjoys working with charcoal, enjoying its qualities that can be manipulated almost in the same way as paint, and can convey meaning or emotion with a few gestures.  She uses charcoal on both paper and canvas, allowing each support to influence the effects created.

She has attended various online art courses and evening classes at fine art schools over the years, and continues to increase her skills, but there is a strong self-taught element, especially through experimentation which she still enjoys.  All with the aim to continually push her art to a new level.

Full past exhibition list can be seen at her website.

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