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85x63x8 cm ©2018 by Konstantin
©2018 Konstantin
summer-hangover.jpg - Painting, 85x63x8 cm ©2018 by Konstantin - Abstract Expressionism, Wood, Plastic, Abstract Art, summer hangover, irritation, flow, abstraction, trash art
Konstantin ~ summer hangover
29x32x6 cm ©2015 by Konstantin
©2015 Konstantin
pizza-consciousness.jpg - Installation, 29x32x6 cm ©2015 by Konstantin - Abstract Art, Wood, Plastic, Abstract Art, pizza-consciousness, pizza, abstract pizza
Konstantin ~ pizza consciousness
60x50x5 cm ©2012 by Konstantin
©2012 Konstantin
3.jpg - Painting, 60x50x5 cm ©2012 by Konstantin - Abstract Art, Plastic, Abstract Art
Konstantin ~ 3
46x82x14 cm ©2015 by Konstantin
©2015 Konstantin
expectation.jpg - Design, 46x82x14 cm ©2015 by Konstantin - Abstract Art, Aluminum, Wood, Other, Metal, Plastic, Fabric, Abstract Art, expectation
56x73x2 cm ©2017 by Konstantin
©2017 Konstantin
black-spring.jpg - Painting, 56x73x2 cm ©2017 by Konstantin - Abstract Art, Wood, Abstract Art, black spring
Konstantin ~ black spring
73x114x13 cm ©2018 by Konstantin
©2018 Konstantin
every-day-i-shoot-myself-in-the-head.jpg - Installation, 73x114x13 cm ©2018 by Konstantin - Abstract Art, Wood, Metal, Plastic, Glass, Abstract Art, Shoot, that's enough, drugs, alcohol, darkness, assemblage
Konstantin ~ every day i shoot myself in the head