Uliana Titova

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Brave people should have classy stuff

Презентация & Биография

My name is Uliana Titova and I am a professional artist in the fourth generation.

I was born in Asia in 1985. I live in Moscow, Russia, and work full time. I draw my first painting when I was 5 and I did it on the wall of our house. Now I draw paintings in my own studio, where they occupy a whole room. I like to work with oil and acrylic paints, I draw paintings of different sizes in impressionism and realism styles.


The main theme that excites me is the study of a woman.

I speak in defense and support of women through my paintings. My inspiration is myself and women from all over the world - spectacular and bright, careerists and housewives, seductresses and travelers, young and mature.


I transfer my thoughts to the canvas with the help of the knowledge I have got at the Moscow State Academy of Art and Industry named after V.I. Stroganov.

Now I continue exploring new trends in the art market and master new techniques. I share my experience at my masterclasses and while teaching my students and friends.


Some of my paintings were presented by Saatchi Art in their collections (and their technical specialist are now working on adding a badge for me).


I have through my artistic journey exhibited widely both internationally and nationally.

Art collectors from the USA, Poland, Germany, Greece are interested in my paintings.


Thank you for your attention to my art. Happy viewing.




2015-2020 Stroganov Moscow State Academy of art and industry Moscow, Россия
2007-2013 Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU) Moscow, Россия
Uliana Titova

Художник за работой

Персональные выставки

2021 Solo exhibition "Underwater World Paintings"; space "Wellton Park". Moscow, Россия

2019 2019. Solo exhibition " Woman's word"; House of Culture of the Moscow Region. Moscow, Россия

Коллективные экспозиции

2021 International exhibition (group exhibition) "Naked Truth"; KIBART & ANELYIA ALIPOVA Gallery. Moscow, Россия

2021 International exhibition "Earth. Version 2021. What happened after?"; State Darwin Museum. Moscow, Россия