Stanislav Khodak

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Cherkasy, Украина

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Cherkasy, Украина

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Welcome! My name is Stanislav Khodak, and I am an artist from an old Ukrainian town Cherkasy.

Since birth I have a movement disorder - cerebral palsy. This condition heavily affects my everyday life and largely limits the number of activities I can pursue. However, since when I was a child I always found great pleasure and relief in painting. Drawing eventually became my profession after I graduated from the Odessa Art College.

I love to be picturing the nature. Not only to make a copy on the canvas, but to reveal and expose the beauty of the landscape that I observe. My main motive is to show the depth and the essence of the nature that touched me.

I do hope that my canvases find their clients and match their tastes. Painting is the main inspiration of my life, and also my only source of income as a man with a disability. If you are interested in buying any of the canvases, do not hesitate to contact me. I also greatly appreciate any comments on my works - please let me know if you like them!


Korot, Serov


1987-1991 Одесское художественное училище им.Грекова Одесса, Украина