Andrey Soldatenko

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Press release

Exhibition. Bulgaria, Burgas. From 12 January to 10 February

In Bulgaria, Burgas from 12 January to 10 February will be the Bulgarian-Russian exhibition of paintings by Prism, which is attended by representatives of Russia as an artist Andrew Soldatenko (Saratov) and Azat Galimov (St. Petersburg), and Bulgarian artists and Anatoly Panagonov and Vesco Radulov. The exhibition has already visited Varna, Rousse, Pazardzhik, Sofia.

Last summer, all the artists participated in a joint open-air, on the Black Sea and in the foothills of the Balkans. Thus, each artist had the opportunity to express their vision of nature and life of the beautiful country of Bulgaria. In the exposition of the exhibition as plenernye work and the authors made in the workshops.



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