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Artist Andrey Soldatenko on the Russian Art Week

Kuznetsky Bridge, 11 Moscow House of Artists

вторник 20 апрель 2010
воскресенье 25 апрель 2010

From 19 to 25 April in the exhibition hall of the Moscow Union of Artists of Moscow House of Artists "(address: ul.Kuznetsky Bridge, 11) will host the International Exhibition of Modern Art" RUSSIAN ART WEEK ", 24 April at 18.00 will be auctioned. Artist Andrey Soldatenko present at the exhibition-competition of two works: "All life is the game. Celebration in Zherovnitsa" and "Dollar or the philosophy of the crowd in pursuit of profit."
"The whole life of the game. Celebration in Zherovnitse". In Bulgaria there is still a tradition to arrange holidays in national costumes. And young and old trying to dress as their ancestors dressed. "Back to the past" and live the life which can live ancestors, recreating life, relationships and so on. It's part of life, and at the same time - this is just a game. But the game, which carries only the creative source and a lot of positives.
"The dollar, or philosophy of the crowd in pursuit of profit." On the one hand, it is pretty lyrical picture. The other. Sheep along the road strictly as a dollar sign. Story of sheep can be considered as turn (in real life it was a "turn" to drink). And finally, this is also the social metaphor. Life is very different looks depending on the point of view. This work is not of the discharge of conventional provocation. It shows how unpredictable events are symbolic in the real nature which surrounds us. Baran, who looks at us, can also be viewed as a metaphor: only one person in a hundred can not be like the other "sheep".



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