Andrey Soldatenko

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List of exhibitions

From 1997 Andrey Soldatenkov took part in several exhibitions:
1997, the Regional Exhibition, Saratov;
2002, the exhibition at the 4th Festival of Slavic Culture, Paris. Awarded a diploma of the Russian Centre of International Scientific and Cultural Cooperation of the Russian Government.
2003, the personal exhibition “Beach” in the museum of Pavel Kuznetsov (Radischev State Art Gallery in Saratov);
2006, the Regional Exhibition of Young Artists, Saratov;
2007, the National Exhibition of Young Artists, Moscow;
2007, the Regional Exhibition, Saratov;
2008, the National Exhibition “Victory”, Volgograd;
2008, the Regional Exhibition, Saratov;
2008, the Regional Exhibition “The Youth of Russia”, Saratov. Awarded a diploma of the Russian Academy of Arts.
2008, the Volga Regional Exhibition “The Big Volga”, Cheboksary.
2009, Exhibition in the Gallery “InDIVA”, Varna.
2009, the National Exhibition "Russia-XI", СHA, Moscow.
2009, the Bulgarian and Russian Exhibition "Prism". Varna, Ruse, Pazargik, Burgas, Sofia. Bulgaria.
2010 International Exhibition of Russian Art Week, Moscow



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