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Pavel Filin

seascape (2021)

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seascape По поводу данного произведения: Классификация, методы & Стили Масло Краска, состоящая из пигментов, связанных с льняным маслом или гвоздиками. Традиционная техника состоит...

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Pavel Filin
The purpose of my work-stop look at the big picture "Painting is poetry that you can see. Leonardo da Vinci Born a man cannot know, who he is, but everyone has the opportunity...

The purpose of my work-stop look at the big picture

"Painting is poetry that you can see. Leonardo da Vinci

Born a man cannot know, who he is, but everyone has the opportunity to express their thoughts differently.
For me an opportunity to express their ideas through pictures
Since childhood I was fond of drawing
Living in a small town on the Volga on their pictures depicted mostly landscapes, but always sought to picture the human figure, his movements and emotions
Starting from the first years of my self creative life by visiting galleries and exhibitions of painting and sculpture, I became acquainted with the works of Feshina n.
and was fascinated by its ability to ability to transmit human emotions, creating pictures of true harmony of the whole palette of colors.
Knowledge without practice in my work did not bring me satisfaction, finding solution to the problem I tried to quickly work on his paintings. A mistake many artists including my is incorrectly given the general tone. Ensuring overall color harmony in place of brushes I virtuosity . Many and now say that spatula undermines the basis of painting and artistic virtuosity that cannot pass a real similarity. But I'm sure ,true image is not copy it and in his character. Correctly guessed the individual traits of appearance create genuine similarities. Technique and virtuosity is quite different from the technique of using brushes, and initially may seem a little strange. Using a palette knife canvas can quickly cover the various strokes. It forces the artist to work boldly and confidently, seeking a strikingly beautiful effects.
Spatula like no other tool allows you to express the power of sound varying colors, most fully reveal colors and their combinations create a beautiful and complex texture of paint on the surface of a picture that allows you to model and amount of images and objects, gives great opportunities for improvisation during creative work.

Studying human anatomy, I began working on the portrait and figure, but also worked on landscapes and still-lifes. When I write, do not wonder about the choice of destinations. I am also convinced that painting does not require interpretation, any "literary" explanation, because it is a Visual art, and therefore be perceived should emotions. The main motif search for me, because no space emerges on the canvas, and his feeling.
Many people ask me, as I come to the plot. I do not need to invent anything-I just samovyražaûs′.
My work is a real life around me, -me. almost every work I open something new and see flaws. The artist must create a picture and not hide behind words. Artist sees success or no success depends only on him
Seen or even uslyšinoe me zarisovyvaetsâ in albums. Sometimes the plot disappears, without its continuation, or becomes part of another work.
Work on canvas comes after fully understanding the plot of composition and colour.
Then everything is transferred onto the canvas, is black and white, and then decide to hue. For me the definition of hue future paintings is the principal. This question sometimes makes a picture or part of it to rewrite several times.

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