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Four enemies in the way of knowledge

hpscanner0610.jpgAt this stage, it will become clear to him that the power for which he has been chasing for so long is finally his. He can do whatever he wants with her. His ally is at his disposal. His desire is law. He sees everything around. But it also means that there is a third enemy before him: strength!This is the most powerful of all enemies. And of course, the easiest thing is to simply surrender: after all, after all, its owner is truly invincible. He rules; at first he takes a deliberate risk, and ends up establishing the law, because he is the master. At this stage, the person hardly notices that his third enemy has already approached him. And suddenly, without knowing it, he will surely lose the battle. His enemy will turn him into a cruel and capricious person.
- Will he lose his power? - No; he will never lose clarity or strength. - How will he then differ from a man of knowledge? - A person defeated by force dies without actually knowing how to control it. Strength is only a burden in his destiny. Such a person has no power over himself and cannot say when and how to use his power. - Is defeat by any of these enemies final? - Of course. Once a person is defeated by one of these enemies, there is nothing he can do. - And can, for example, someone who is defeated by force see his mistake and correct it? - No. If a person has given up, he is finished. “But what if he was only temporarily blinded by force, and then he gave it up? “It means the battle is still going on; then he is still trying to become a man of knowledge. A person is defeated only when he has given up all attempts and abandoned himself. - But in this case, it turns out that a person can abandon himself and experience fear for whole years, but in the end he will defeat him.
“No, it’s not. If he succumbs to fear, he will never defeat him, because he will avoid learning and never dare to try again. But if for many years, even in the center of his fear, he does not give up trying to learn, then sooner or later he will overcome fear, because in fact he never succumbed to it.
- How to defeat the third enemy, don Juan? - You need to deliberately not give in to him. A person must come to the understanding that the power that he allegedly conquered does not really belong to him and can never belong. He must constantly control himself, carefully and honestly managing everything that he has learned. If he is able to see that without self-control, clarity and strength are worse than mistakes, he will reach the point where everything is under control. Then he will know when and how to use his power. This will mean that he defeated the third enemy and came to the end of his journey in training.
Awareness - illustration of the book of Carlos Castaned.
Linocut. Manual printing. sheet size 400x400 mm. 2019. Limited edition on vintage paper from the USSR. Signed and numbered by the author manually. HEURISTIC GRAPHICS


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