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second enemy

And so he meets the second enemy: Clarity ! This clarity of mind, so difficult to achieve, dispels fear, but it also blinds.hpscanner0626.jpg

It makes a person never doubt himself. She gives him the confidence that he can do whatever he likes, so he clearly sees through everything. Yes, he is courageous because of clarity and will stop at nothing because of it. 

But all this is a mistake, it is like something incomplete. If a person succumbs to this imaginary power, it means that he is defeated by the second enemy and will be patient when he needs to hurry. And so he will clumsily handle learning until he loses the ability to learn anything else.

 - What happens to him after such a defeat? Will he die as a result? - No, he will not die. It's just that the second enemy blocked his path; and instead of a man of knowledge, he can become a cheerful warrior or a clown. However, the clarity he paid so dearly for will never be replaced by darkness and fear again.

 Everything will be clear to him forever, only he will never learn anything again and will not strive for anything. - What should he do to avoid defeat? - The same as with fear: do not succumb to clarity and use it only in order to see, and wait patiently, and carefully weigh everything before each new step; and above all, he must think that his clarity is almost a delusion. And one day he will see that clarity was just a dot in front of his eyes.

 Only in this way will he be able to defeat his second eternal enemy and reach such a position in which nothing can harm him. And this will not be a delusion, just a dot in front of your eyes. This will be real strength. At this stage, it will become clear to him that the power for which he has been chasing for so long is finally his. He can do whatever he wants with her. His ally is at his disposal. His desire is law. He sees everything around. But it also means that there is a third enemy before him: strength !

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