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first natural enemy

hpscanner0625.jpgIn preparation for my departure, I decided to ask him once more about the enemies of the man of knowledge . I defended my arguments in every possible way, convincing him that I would not be here for a long time, and therefore it would be nice to write down everything that he told me so that I could think about it later.

After hesitating, he spoke up. - When a person begins to learn, he never has a clear idea of his goals. His purpose is wrong, his intention is vague. He expects rewards that will never materialize because he knows nothing of the learning difficulties. Gradually, he begins to learn 

- at first little by little, then in large chunks, and his thoughts come into conflict. What he learns never coincides with what he painted for himself, and fear grips him. Teaching is always not what is expected of it. Each step in learning is a new challenge, and the fear that a person experiences grows ruthlessly and relentlessly. His target becomes a battlefield. And thus his first natural enemy appears before him : Fear ! A terrible enemy, treacherous and difficult to overcome. It lurks around every corner, creeping and waiting. And if a man, horrified in front of his face, turns to flight, his enemy will put an end to his search. - What happens to a person if he runs away in fear? 

- Nothing special, except perhaps that he will never learn. He will never become a man of knowledge. He may become a bully or a harmless frightened person: but, in any case, he will be defeated. His first enemy put an end to his ambitions. 

- What can he do to overcome fear? - The answer is very simple: he must not run away. A person must resist his fear and, in spite of it, take the next step in learning, and another step, and another. He must be completely frightened, and yet he must not stop. This is the rule! And the day will come when his first enemy will retreat. 

The person will feel self-confidence. His striving, intention grows stronger. Learning will no longer be a daunting task. When that lucky day comes, a person can say without hesitation that he has defeated his first natural enemy. - Does it happen immediately or gradually? - Gradually, and yet fear is subdued suddenly and quickly. - And can a person experience it again if something unforeseen happens to him? - No. The one who once overcame fear is free from it until the end of his days, because instead of fear he gains clarity that erases fear. 

By this time, a person knows all his desires and knows how to satisfy these desires. He can foresee new steps in learning, and everything is permeated with sharp clarity. A person feels that there is nothing hidden for him.




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