Ivan Kelarev (artkelar)

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Назад к списку Добавлено 18 янв. 2021 г.

certified the art rating

Akoun expert certified the art rating. In the near future, information on the resource will become available. The issue of the entry of the Eurasian Art Union will be resolved.page-0001.jpg

And while we wait, you can get acquainted with ARTGRAD GALLERY's work at the link:


Akoun is the world leader since 1985 in the field of information about the art market!
The artist is set for a creative dialogue with museums and galleries of modern art in order to present an art project to the general public, work on a book record and an extraordinary answer to current questions in engraving.

6005c73654d34_122241232-460826851548966-5869230662549571433-o.jpgRespectfully, Ivan Kelarev



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