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Non nobis Domine, non nobis, sed nomini tuo da gloriam

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"Regius" begins with the story that the honorary profession of Freemasonry was born thanks to geometry and improved by scientists. So on the basis of geometry, Freemasonry was founded by people determined to devote themselves to the most honorable of classes. His principles instruct the more gifted to instruct others and all to love each other with brotherly love. The most outstanding was to be called the Master.

6005572e1f373_hpscanner0596.jpgLinocut. Manual printing. Exclusive Edition, ancient paper from the German Democratic Republic, oil ink for high printing. Signed and numbered by the author - Ivan Kelarev. HEURISTIC GRAPHICS \ эвристическая графика. ARTGRAD GALLERY especially for artmajeur.

Masons hold their meetings in ritual form. There is no single Masonic ritual, and each grand lodge can freely establish (or not establish) its own ritual. However, there are similarities between the rituals of different lodges. For example, all Masonic rituals use the architectural symbolism of the instruments of medieval operative masons. Frankmasons as speculative masons (that is, engaged in philosophical construction, and not real) use symbolism to teach moral and ethical lessons of brotherly love, help and truth or, as is customary in France, freedom, equality, fraternity.

the generally accepted symbol of Freemasonry is a triangle inside which an open eye is depicted - the "Radiant Delta," as it is called in Freemasonry.
The radiant delta reminds the Freemason of the permeation of the Creator.


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