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Heuristic graphics from Ivan Kelarev...art project, book record and more

                      The art of quiet contemplationin the digital age of high speeds


Biography - My creative path is the history of searches, personal tragedy and mystical twists of fate. 

Was born in 1996 . The son of a hereditary artist Igor Chernyshov. ¡¡The artist in the etching workshop «Art Grad». I learned little-known and almost forgotten graphic drawing techniques from the Renaissance – drawing -a duck feather as part of the "Turn the Feather" course from an Honorary Member of the Russian Academy of Arts.

The creator of more than 70 original engravings, including orders for covers for music albums. I gave a lecture on printed graphics at the Kosygin Russian State University. I created my own master class «IN THE FOOTPRINTS OF THE FIRST PRINTER». I took part in the construction of ice sculptures in the State Museum-Reserve «Rostov Kremlin». More than 200 limited edition stamps are stored in private collections and funds (Russia, Italy, France, USA, Germany, the Netherlands). 


 As long as I live, i feel like a wanderer, moving between light and darkness in search of a lost word.¡¡From early childhood, I have been accompanied by images which I came up with fun — find interesting objects and, folding them properly, receive in their shadows unusual shapes, faces, objects. Later I learnt the word — illusion.

 The older I got, the more complex images I began to find. As it turned out, shadow and light permeate all our existence, magically manifesting ourselves in words, behavior, events and the surrounding reality. Understanding this truth was the second revelation.¡¡ The first revelation of a young mind considering sheets from a collection of illustrations for the Bible from G. Dore and considering the home reproduction of the genius Leonardo Da Vinci "Madonna Litta," was the idea that I could myself depict images captured by the eye.122264611-460825061549145-245063546238507946-o-1.jpg

Higher education in the system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs presented me with another revelation through a philosophy that revealed the essence of the Sokratovskaya training system — heuristics, and psychology, the explained phenomenon is pareidolia. Dropped out of university for ideological and targeted reasons. I continued my studies as an artist.

The decisive link in the puzzle of fate was acquaintance with the works of the American ethnographer, doctor of philosophy in anthropology, thinker of esoteric orientation and author of 12 best-selling books Carlos Castaneda. 5ff6c83890b5f_120997908-447966196168365-5301798180183648116-o.jpg

All the acquired knowledge formed the basis of the formed author's concept of artistic expression.¡¡I was shocked to first see «Garden of Earthly Pleasures» by I. Bosch, «Dream of Reason» and «Saturn» by F. Goya, «Red Dragon» by W. Blake, «Melancholy» «Horsemen of the Apocalypse» by A. Durer , and «Seven Deadly Sins» by P. Bruegel. The list can be continued, but it is not so extensive.

So, for hours contemplating the paintings and engravings of masters of the past, i catch myself thinking: — You either equal among the first, or dissolve on the back of history. This dilemma concludes the formula of immortality.. It appears, everything is possible, only left to treat the coarse stone and pour gold out of the mercury. That is the main revelation. I could find my key, it waited for me between the lines of the books by Carlos Castaneda.45249917-141631006801887-2406904169509158912-o.jpg

                                                               Art and creativity 

Printed graphics are a valuable tool in the arsenal of contemporary artist.

I love engraving for under-telling, for the struggle of black and white, for the harmony of monochrome, for the play of lines and spots. Engraving - elitist art.

A tool that has a specific and inherent just to it special language of conventionality, educates taste, develops creative thinking, and teaches you to understand fine art.

The printed form for the engraver like as the canvas for the painter — the gate to the unknown, opening both kitsch and classics,  suprematism and heuristics


                                                             Art and creativity

 •Explaining my work, I introduced an accessible term — HEURISTIC GRAPHICS (with Greek. I find, open). 

In the engraving, I pick black and white graphic illusions in figurative compositions from shade spots. Relying on the name and content of engravings, the viewer involves processes of creative thinking and speculates on the visual rebus. My task is to tear the viewer out of everyday reality.

               03.03.2019 in the «Art Grad» gallery laid the foundation for the art project

                                                      «Postcards of the Worlds»

In Vedic culture «OM» means the sound of power that gave rise to the universe. Through the project, I have a silent dialogue with the viewer, raising both topical social issues and discussing cosmogony, truth, time, good, vice, etc. At the moment, within the framework of the OM project, I am leading two directions:




                        2 - Society –  everything that is between the lines of everyday...


Everyone pulls their cart

Colored linocut,   paper from the USSR, 2019, 40×40 sm., Е/А 

The object of my research is a mysterious many-faced creature and everything related to it. The series raises problems:

 Human self-determination

False EGO

Distorted and superficial understanding of reality¡Interaction with the external environment.

Understanding the experience of immersing a person in virtual reality and transforming a postpandemic person as a logical stage in the upbringing of a "NEW SOCIETY" is an open topic of my creativity


community and opinion

Linocut,  paper from the GDR,2020, 40× 40 sm., Е/А




Linocut,  paper from the USSR,2020, 40×40 sm., single copy,

No frame. The sheet contains biblical quotes

Antichrist - the image of the system in which everything is sold! That's funny, that now Antichrist can be sold, bought, put in a frame, surprise guests with the highlight of the collection and do everything with it, just having enough for that amount... 





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